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The Power of God’s Commandments with Dr. Michael Lake and Dr. David Carrico

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What is the reason for the laws in the so-called Old Testament? Are there perks for walking out the instructions of God? Join us tonight w/ Michael Lake from “Kingdom Intelligence Briefing” and David Carrico of “Followers of Jesus Christ” as we uncover what the scripture says and how to apply it to our life.



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  1. When I was a part of a Messianic Community, I saw several people and even families that desired to be Jewish so much, that they sought conversion in Orthodox Judaism. They started out as believers in Yeshua, but in order to convert they must denounce HIM as part of that conversion. They loved Judaism more than they loved GOD! I saw this a couple of times, and upon inquiry found out that it is actually not unusual in the congregations that lift up Talmud and/or Kaballah.

    1. This is another reason why we must be strong in the Word of God: from Genesis to Revelation. Let’s stick with Moses, Jesus, Paul, John, etc.

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