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The Coming Shaking – Revisiting Biblical Life TV

The Coming Shaking Series from 2014   With everything that has been happening in the United States and around the world, we felt it important to revisit these four powerful messages from Dr. Lake that were delivered in 2014.       The Coming Shaking – Part 1 Biblical Life TV –  October 2014   […]

KIB 52 – Overcoming the Tactics of the Enemy in this Generation

KIB M and M Edition Podcast

KIB 52 – Overcoming the Tactics of the Enemy in this Generation Kingdom Intelligence Briefing Podcast   Dr. Michael and Mary Lake expose tactics of the enemy to keep God’s people in bondage. They shed light on how those in the occult are destroying pastors and their families through shocking covert activities, while providing hope […]

KIB 45 – An Interview with S. Douglas Woodward

An Interview with S. Douglas Woodward Kingdom Intelligence Briefing | Episode 45 In this episode, Dr. Lake interviews veteran researcher and author, S. Douglas Woodward.  Doug is the author of nine books dealing with various topics within end-time prophecy.  His latest book is entitled, Uncommon Sense:  A Prophetic Manifesto for the Church in Babylon.  Dr. […]

Examining the Son of Perdition – Part 2

  Examining the Son of Perdition – Part 2 The Shinar Directive Continues Series | Michael K. Lake, Th.D.  Featured in the June Edition of SkyWatch TV Magazine   Since the publishing of The Shinar Directive, I have been immersed into what seems to be a new world of podcasts and writings on speculative eschatology.   […]

KIB 44 – Hagmann and Hagmann Interview # 2

Hagmann and Hagmann Interview #2 Kingdom Intelligence Briefing | Episode 44 Dr. Lake returns to the Hagmann and Hagmann show to discuss both current events and topics from the Shinar Directive that were not covered in the first interview.  It seems like from the very start that the Holy Spirit took over.  There were many […]

Interview with Derek Gilbert | KIB 42

Interview with Derek Gilbert Kingdom Intelligence Briefing | Episode 42 Derek Gilbert is the host of the long running podcast, a View from the Bunker, and is the News Anchor for SkyWatch TV.  In this episode, Dr. Lake and Derek discuss many topics from his cutting-edge interviews on VFTB:  from the threat of Transhumanism to […]

The Shinar Directive – Reader Reviews Are Coming In

  Between reviews on Amazon.com and all the emails we are receiving, readers are loving “The Shinar Directive.”   Here are a few comments from our readers: The Defender Publishing 101 Overview Book Your book fills a big need.  To write a book with such clarity, and a tremendous breadth, in 352 pages is a […]