KIB 45 – An Interview with S. Douglas Woodward

An Interview with S. Douglas Woodward

Kingdom Intelligence Briefing | Episode 45

podcast_logo_2In this episode, Dr. Lake interviews veteran researcher and author, S. Douglas Woodward.  Doug is the author of nine books dealing with various topics within end-time prophecy.  His latest book is entitled, Uncommon Sense:  A Prophetic Manifesto for the Church in Babylon.  Dr. Lake and Doug discuss both information in his new book and new developments on the geopolitical front throughout the world.

uncommon_sense_bookIn this volume, S. Douglas Woodward, with contributions by his friend and co-author Douglas W. Krieger (co-authors along with Dene McGriff of The Final Babylon), provides for the reader’s consideration what he asserts is “uncommon sense.” Gathering seven essays from his various books and updating them into a synergistic manifesto, Woodward argues that Americans lack an understanding of why our nation has wandered down a path to ruin. Short of repentance and revival, Woodward argues that America stands destined for disaster. The essays cover a broad spectrum of seldom known facts of our national story that tell the unvarnished history of the past two hundred years right up to the present day: • America has a penchant for the paranormal, leading the world through its New Age “gospel” propagating an overt mysticism, the morass of the occult worldview, and a technological defense for spiritualism that proposes an extraterrestrial explanation for why we exist. • The economic enslavement of our world through foreign aid that casts third-world nations into endless debt, finances totalitarianism to keep the oppressed in their place, and bespeaks corruption that enriches the elite and impoverishes everyone else. • The destruction of national sovereignty spurred by Nazi renegades from justice six decades ago, assisted by the Vatican’s “ratlines,” and arguably at the behest of old-world monarchies. • The separation of church and state leading to the capitulation of Christianity in the face of a “war against the weak”—the abrogation of human rights and individual liberty—personified by Adolf Hitler and destined to be repeated in our day by the figure the Bible calls Antichrist. • A deception of “lying wonders” which may be disclosed at the revelation of this Antichrist as a means of promising hope for the future and potentially, immortality through the scientific advances known collectively as transhumanism. • The devolution of evangelicalism into a new mysticism—promising divinity to the masses by the elimination of doctrinal distinctions and the promise of “inclusiveness” and tolerance. Uncommon Sense: A Prophetic Manifesto for the Church in Babylon provides an analysis of what went wrong and what we must do about it. It calls upon true Christians to recognize the apocalyptic times in which we live and the need to proclaim the imminent coming of the Kingdom of God, an indispensable element of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the only true hope for lasting change in our culture, our society, and the personal lives of everyone on this planet.


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  1. Thank you for conducting the interview Dr Lake your insightful questions help bring out the best from Doug Woodward who is certainly knowledgeable, with such a strong grasp of facts, is able to marry so many events together with explanation of where and why they happened or continue to develop and unfold.

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