KIB 35: Understanding Mind Control 2 – M and M Edition

KIB M and M Edition Podcast

podcast_logo_2KIB Episode 35 Introduction  to Mind Control 2 – M and M Edition.

Several months ago, Mary was reassessing her healing process.  She came to the conclusion that God had given her step-by-step instructions on how to break the power of demonic attachments, even before she realized that she had blocked memories and was a victim of mind control.  In today’s podcast, she shares some of the prayers that were instrumental in her deliverance and healing.  She also addresses some of the spirits that attach to victims of abuse, and the counter measures that can be used to cut off their influence.  As always, our goal is to exalt the name of Jesus and declare His victory over the kingdom of darkness.  Almighty God is all powerful, and it is His will for you to be delivered, healed and made whole.


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  1. Have found you via Tom Horn and his coverage of The Shinar Directive and subsequently coming across Mary’s interview with Josh Peck on YouTube by “accident”. Finding out the two of you were connected brought me to KIB and I have listened to a few of your podcasts. It seems like the veil is getting thinner and thinner and I am finding that Christian friends with whom I have not discussed the issues as presented in The Shinar Directive are finding their ways independent of each other to information such as yours and others with whom I have seen you with in radio and on video. I believe God is leading his followers to much needed information for the times in which we are living, especially as mainstream avenues either ignore or are ignorant of such. God in his grace has provided you and Mary for such a time as this. I am enjoying what I have read and heard and encourage you both to continue leading, teaching and being a blessing to the Remnant.

  2. My Twenty eight year old son is in desperate need of prayer. He has wanted to take his life for a long time. I know his thinking is dysfunctional he does not do drugs of any kind but spends hours into the night playing video games. He now doubts the existence of God because his life seems just plan hopeless to him. I am praying the blood of Jesus. Please pray with me that Jesus will intervene and bring him to his knees. May Ethan see Jesus and humble himself before our Holy God. Thank you so much. A broken hearted Momma. Who will trust my Christ no matter what.

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