Healing for Victims of Trauma and Abuse with Dissociative Identity Disorder Series by Mary Lou Lake

Healing for Victims of Trauma and Abuse with Dissociative Identity Disorder Series by Mary Lou Lake

In this podcast series, Mary Lou Lake discusses complex issues involving the occult, mind control, Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), and spiritual warfare.  She shares her personal healing journey as a victim of mind control and reveals how Almighty God exposed secrets in the town where she grew up.  In the midst of an extensive period of attacks from individuals involved in the occult, she eventually came to the conclusion that she only remembered a portion of her past and that her mind had been fragmented.  She reveals how Almighty God guided her, step by step, through deliverance and restoration.  Mary Lou believes that there are many Christians that have experienced similar circumstances and continue to struggle because they are unaware of what has happened to them.  Through these podcasts, she hopes to shed light on some of the secrets of the kingdom of darkness and mind control and discuss how someone can have a fragmented mind and be oblivious to the fact.  Above all, she wants to give glory to Almighty God for all He has done and to give hope to the hopeless by sharing how much Almighty God loves them and how He can provide a way out of any prison.
Warning:  These podcasts contain narratives that include information on mind control and can have a destabilizing effect on victims.  If you experience any unpleasant reactions to the information, please stop listening and contact a trained Christian counselor.


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  1. Dear Mary Lou, I am nearly finished reading “Black Awakening”. I read “What Witches Don’t Want Christians to Know” last year. But, until I read Russ Dizdar, I had no idea what you have gone through and I’m sure I still don’t; but this has given me a better sense of your battle. I am in awe of your strength and resolve and the power of Almighty God in your life. Praise His Name! Please know that we are praying for you and Dr. Michael. Your work (both of you)has opened our eyes and we bless you for it. Thank you so much. I do have a question – when the front personality of a programmed multiple asks for help and comes to the Lord, why is it that the other personalities are not delivered or banished?

  2. Thank you Mary Lou for addressing such a sensitive issue very politely, tactfully and openly and for all of your prayers. All of your Podcasts have helped me continue my healing along with Dr. Lake’s teachings. I too, have just read Black Awakening after reading your book which opened my eyes–WOW.

  3. Dear Mary Lou,
    some of these subjects can be really hard to deal with – let alone share a personal story with the web. Thank you. I pray the LORD will give you strength to keep publishing them. I know each session has already helped me to understand why there is an underlying voice in my head that keeps asking “what is wrong with me….”.

  4. Thank You, Lord, for all the Mary Lou’s You SO love and set free! Including my precious daughter, Meghan. You’re a good, good Father. Thant’s who You are. And we are loved by You. That’s who we are. You’re perfect in all of Your ways. Thoughts about a particular situation shared on this #7 podcast. Your husbands sleep paralysis dealing with the dark presence at the foot of the bed. Made me think of L.A. Marzulli and Pastor Caspar’s sharing about alien, nephillim, demonic presences. Can come into bedroom during night. Cause paralysis and more. Always be ready to call out the name of Jesus with any encounter! Thank you, Mary Lou for your amazing transparent testimony. Healing ministry setting the captives free!!! xo

  5. Mary Lou – when you started talking about the spirit of Bastet at first I thought I heard you say the spirit of “best.” I have noticed in certain women, that I strongly believe were programmed, this almost mask thet they seem to wear in order to present as being perfect or “best.” Some of them almost come across as Stepford Wives – dressed perfectly, hair and make-up done precisely ect – while others have a more natural and casual elegance. But all of these women present themselves as looking or acting perfect/best (in looks, actions, their marriages and family life) – although when I’ve commented they deny it. I’m wondering if you have noticed this in Beta programmed women and what you think of the idea of connecting a need to be perfect/best with the Bastet spirit?

    1. Usually goes hand-in-hand with women that were programmed as Betas.

  6. Need prayer ..my husband and I work in a place were I believe witches work there to.

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