Foundations of Biblical Prosperity – A KIB Seminar


Foundations of Biblical Prosperity – A KIB Seminar

by Dr. Michael K. Lake

Note:  I have not forgotten everyone while we are on break.  Here is a great seminar that you can download and enjoy.  It also includes complete study notes in PDF.

It seems that everyone is talking about prosperity today in the Body of Christ.  Many have reduced prosperity down to just money, but the Bible says so much more.  Learn about the two systems in the world today that produce prosperity:  one is from God that encompasses all areas of life, and the other is from Mystery Babylon that reduces prosperity down to mammon while consuming every area of life.  It is time to learn that biblical prosperity has to deal with so much more than just money:  it is walking in the Kingdom and the blessings of God!


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  1. Hi There Micheal ,
    This is a great series and full of God’s wisdom . I look forward to its persistent application in my life. Thank you for going thru the hard yards before us all.
    As a passing observation,if you widen the slide bar on your recordings it would be helpful to study it by repeating the recording to the right spot.
    Thanks again

    1. Thank you for your kind words. Regarding the play bar, we do not have control of that. If you right-mouse click on the links, you can download the MP3’s to your computer and play them in your favorite player. Blessings!

  2. Dr Lake, where in your podcasts do you speak specifically about “giving”. I have heard you speak briefly on this topic in your Understanding the Kingdom series.

    Thank you
    Louis Villanueva

    1. Video: The Spiritual Dynamics of the Tithe.

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