Dr. Lake’s Interviews for December 2015


Dr. Lake’s Interviews for December 2015


Dear Kingdom Intelligence Briefers:

I have had the privilege of appearing on several interviews in the month of December. Since we are on break, I thought this would be a good time to share these interviews with you.


Omega Frequency Radio – Episode 50


podcast_logo_2This week is the 50th episode…and we are talking about the Remnant! The Remnant is a called out body of believers who are not for sale, but are passionately pursing God. As members of the Body of Christ we each have a mission to fulfill using the talents that He gave us. We must learn that we can not do this alone. We must stand united for the cause of Christ! Join me for two powerful interviews. First Sam talks about the importance of being the property of God and not of the world. Then we talk about how to walk in obedience to our calling and the need to stand with others of like passion. We then make a major announcement concerning the Omega Frequency Podcast. Then in our second segment Dr Lake thoroughly discusses the remnant and their Biblical destiny in the end times. Make no mistake, we have been commissioned by our King for such a time as this!


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Omega Man Radio

In this powerful one hour interview, Dr. Lake discusses things that we need to do to prepare for 2016.  Even the host, Shannon Ray Davis, could not help but jump in a preach a little too.

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Once we get off of break, we will jump right back into gear with both the KIB podcasts and Biblical Life TV!

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