Dr. Michael Lake on the Josh Tolley Show


Real Mind Control and How to Stop It Dr. Michael Lake (Full Interview) – The Josh Tolley Show

Is there an ancient secret in stopping mind control? Is it hidden in the text of the Bible? Dr. Michael Lake explains how following Torah can protect your mind, body, soul.


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  1. Hey Dr Lake, looking forward to seeing you at Hear the Watchmen.Is there anywhere to get a concise study on how to keep the feasts where we live right now and how to do it right, my husband and I will.be at the watchmen conference volunteering.you have always made an impact on me and I want to start taking classes , just been struggling with my health and MS .God bless you in all you do

    1. Use this link: http://www.biblicallifeassembly.org/library/series.htm Then scroll down to the Feasts of the LORD study. There is also a free study guide in PDF.

      1. TY Dr lake I will download .God bless

  2. Marietjie Kleynhans

    Hello, Dr. Lake:)

    In which of you teachings do you go into the rapture in some detail?

    Thank you and God Bless
    Marietjie – from Sydney Australia

    1. I may have, but remember, over the past decade or so, I have posted hundreds of messages. I think that I dealt some with this subject on the series “Understanding the End-Times” Use this link, and then scroll down to that series. http://www.biblicallifeassembly.org/library/series.htm

  3. Dr. Lake and Mrs. Lake…..Thanks to your ministry. , I have found a church that teaches the feasts.Also, I have stopped eating pork…Closing doors! Appreciate your guidance,as I am an intercessor.Thanks so much.

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