Christians Need to Hold the Line – Journey of the Watchmen

Christians Need to Hold The Line

Journey of the Watchmen Interview 09/28/2017


In a follow-up interview from the Hear the Watchmen Boise conference, Dr. Michael Lake shares with HTW Mike Kerr that the Body of Christ needs to dig deep into the Word and into the presence of God through prayer.  We must stop being tossed to and fro with every wind of doctrine and new thing but must establish our foundation in the faith.  Finally, in this day, God is calling all of us to hold the line of truth in our family and nation!


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  1. The real threat right now is Islam…….

    1. If you properly follow the trail, the Marxists in the world governments are the ones empowering Islam. Two-sides of the same coin.

      1. You are the first person I’ve run across, who has seen this reality. I came to this same conclusion about 6-7 months ago. It’s the same MO they’ve been using for millennia, long before Marx wrote the Communist Manifesto. If you’ve read the Protocol of the Learned Elders of Zion, or the shortened title, The Protocols of Zion, you’ll see that their Marxist ideals started way back in the 1600s. Because they’re so small in numbers, they learned to pit peoples against peoples, and sit back while they annihilate each other.

        If we, as Christians, refuse to be sucked into this, we will survive, but we must always keep our minds, hearts, and eyes on the One True God for our strength and power to defeat these extremely Satanic enemies.

  2. One thing i am not finding in the truth seekers movement at all is where Satan has stolen Christians right out of the church and also leaving them in the church is the influence of HINDUISM AND BUDDHISM on Christians. Teaching a type of meditation and yoga as just a form of relaxing and exercise. But the positions themselves are symbols of witchcraft or occultic meaning. These people teach openibg of pineal gland and chakras and the snake which is coiled at tge base of your spine unravels and travels to the top of the spine. Anything to do with serpents or snakes is a redflag to me. And eas the Holy Spirit woke me up to the current stste of affairs and the interest of where we stand in the timeline of jesus return etc., i got the idea that a red dot on the forhead was a type of the mark of the beast. A precursor, if you will. Which led me thinking about the manson trials which were on tv when i was a kid and remembering the woman who had been sitting in county jail how evil they were acting and the x they cut into their forheads.X marks the spot, XMAS, Xwife Xmen, Xfactor. I also stumbled onto a blog explaining artwork in TelAviv being erected of a giant X. And a movie called American History X. But excuse my ramblings. Hinduism and buddhism have dragons as obe of their dieties as that the asian people so prevalently display. Why would Christian leaders not talk about huge parades in California starting in the 60’s or 70’s with the Dragon ss their main theme. Is the Dragon not Satan. How could we allow freedom of religion without the disclsimer of where o satan worship allowed. The bible says not to suffer a witch to live. Although i realize mk ultra is conyrolling them and an alternate personality is the operation of another spirit through the host body. And the soul born in thst body is captive inside the mind of their own body. And if they signed a contract with the devil… It wasnt them that signed it. Most likely the Nephilim spirit is givrmen access to the childs mind and body before they are even born. And its like the song After Midnight(eric clapton/jj cale). The body is given over to demonic control every evening to do evil with the use of that body. And of course that entity is the one the handlers got to sign the contract. And inbelieve a similar deal was made by Esau to the high priest of egyptian religion and babylonian religion. Contracting Jacobs children to this unholy agreement. So the horrible acts would be done in the bodies of the children of Israel. That last part is a theory or hypothesis i am working on with the guidance of the Holy Spirit leading me to so many clues. Hidden Truths and facts of the enemy. Just food for thought. Please pray over these things. The Holy Spirit has led me to many conclusions that have now proven out to be true. One more thing. That damned souls and lost souls are two different things. The mk ultras that at around preteen years deside not to go back in their bodies because of the abuse to them but more because of the abuse done thru their bodies by evil spirits/ possibly Nephelin Rapheim(sp?) to ritual victims and to other mks that are being trained by them( their bodies). They stay in the astral realm. Where the dead are where fallen angels can be and evil spirits. Butvsomehow they are not caught. Like the children hiding in the rubble in Germany during the haulocast. They also are being gathered by reapers. Another type of Angeles on asignment by the father or satan. Its done through other grown astral travelers that are an entity that is also woven into the mk ultras. Possible refugee souls of angel,man,animal hybrids that lived inside the moon or sun or mars etc. That are on a quest and they sort of reincarnate by sneeking in to an open vessel. Or possibly placed tgere by brokers at the gate/ door of earth. Where these handlers(maybe Esau) meet these souls and offer them a deal to become famous and live out their dream through a newborn baby. But they dont tell them thry are going into a network or many spirits loaded into one body. This is complicated and something i am putting together thru my knowledge of classic rock song lyrics. But it turns out all song lyrics are wriitten by those on a journey to find paradise or their home. They seem to have a surrogate mother. All of them. Peac to you and i am not crazy. Jesus is Lord.
    Angela born on APRIL FOOLS 1965.
    Glory to the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit

    1. I greatly appreciate your teachings, Dr. Pidgeon, and am on my own quest for truth about these evil spirits, and how they manage to effect us.

      When someone is abused, the demon within the abuser is transferred to the victim. This is why the victim feels shame and guilt about being abused, and the reason the victim becomes bonded with their abuser. Of course, it’s not quite that simple, but I discovered these things in searching for my healing: 1) Sigmund Freud’s heritage goes back to Khazar, the people of the snake. He didn’t believe it was possible for a woman to be raped, and told one such woman who came to him, that it was all in her subconscious desires, and it didn’t really happen. His Satanic sexuality has bourne itself out in his grandson, Clement Freud, who is a child sex trafficker and a pedophile (He’s tight with the Podestas. See the disappearance of Madeline McCann.)

      2) Almost all, if not all, psychologists, and other therapists, depend heavily on Freud in their counseling methods and techniques. Is it really wise for victims to depend on such Satanic philosophies for their healing?

      3) Also, many psychologists deliberately turn abuse victims into multiple personalities. One did that to me, and I found out that was common, but I had been given a hint to this possibility, and when I realized what was happening, dropped her immediately. To get that split healed, I had to go through what was basically an exorcism. This is something therapist would never recommend.

      4) Carl Gustav Jung at least, had a deep knowledge of God, which is why he split from Freud, and he depended heavily on that knowledge in his study of the psyche.

      5) Psychiatrists and their potions, are purely Satanic. They have no real purpose, and when they discovered that, the pharmaceutical companies promised to provide the cohesion they needed by concocting drugs that made their patients far more unbalanced. There are natural means and remedies that are far more effective, but once society is back on track, even those won’t be needed anymore.

      In pursuing my ancestry back to Adam and Eve, I have also realized that the Jews in Christ’s time didn’t accept him as their Messiah, because his creation story didn’t match with theirs; theirs came from Babylon, and it’s the same today. I’m aware that there were a number of other reasons, too, but this connects it to the Catholic Church and the Jewish history over the last 2,000 yrs., especially when you consider the fact the Jews almost always hid in or converted to the Catholic Church.

      The Messiah they are expecting to return is actually Nimrod/Ba’al/Orion/Apollo/Abaddon/Osiris/Cernunnos/Moloch, etc. His palace was found in 1989 (the year Bush, Sr. entered the White House), and his tomb was found about 2001 (9/11, and the rush to get into Iraq), and his remains were recovered by the Bush family. The plan is to clone him – he is the Anti-Christ, and CERN is working to release his army from the abyss. Anthony Patch has a very detailed understanding of this history and technology.

      My point is this, Christians need to understand that their money sent to Israel is being poured into these extremely Satanic projects. John Hagee has sold his soul for fame and fortune. I can explain more on that, but not now. The point is, where your money goes, is where your heart is, and if you’re putting your money into Satanic projects, you’re going to reap the harvest of demonic activities, and their possession of your soul.

      Another problem is the Catholic Church, and the many Protestant churches that didn’t have enough knowledge, or whatever, to completely shake off the demonic yolk of their pagan practices. You know a lot about that problem already, but are you aware that many of the Pharisees infiltrated the Christian Church very early on, or maybe I learned that from you. The Vatican is named after Vatika(sp.?), the Etruscan goddess of the underworld, and they knew that when they built on top of her cemetery. I’m sure you know the origins of basilica.
      When the Roman church, built a church building on top of the Temple of Diana in the 400s AD, they gave her a new name, Mary, Queen of Heaven. The Catholics are praying to Diana/Ishtar/Venus/Esther/Astarte/Isis/etc., the wife and sister of Nimrod. My point here is, all Christians need to be educated in these facts.

      The development and true practice of yoga needs to be thoroughly explored and exposed.

      The infiltration of the Satanic and Luciferian cults into the seminary schools need to be exposed in great detail, and made available to all pastors.

      One person did some deep digging and discovered that Lucifer is a woman – the all-seeing eye at the top of the pyramid, which represents the phallus of Nimrod. Other names for her are Isis, Diana, Ishtar,I think you get the idea.

      One more point, division is a tool of Satan, and organization into groups, with a set of beliefs and/or rules to live by, automatically divides. Jesus said we were “not to lord it over others as the Romans do”, and congregational, denominational, and other such divisions requiring any hierarchy of administration, are exactly what Jesus was warning us against. The forming of congregations needs to be stopped among Christians. It is division of belief groups that has caused so many problems among Christians over the millennia. Jesus never intended to start another church; his intention was for his teachings to be a lifestyle, and some of Paul’s teachings, certainly not all, need to be re-examined.

      Women have taken a horrible beating for 2,000 yrs., in the Christian churches that should not be allowed to continue any further. One of the first things God became angry with men over was the way they mistreated their women. Women were made to be nurturers for their children, nest makers for their families, and helpmates – HELPMATES – to their husbands. They were not made to be whipping posts or second class citizens, with no rights to protection, provision, or good health.

      In pagan times, outside of “Judaism” and Christianity, women were looked up to by men as their spiritual guides – GUIDES, not leaders, and I firmly believe that was another reason God made woman.

      Because of all the abuse I’ve seen women take, including myself, my mother, my grandmothers, my sisters and my daughters, I have grown to see men as having no spiritual nature in them. My father, one of my grandfathers, and one of my brother’s would be the exceptions. I have seen women die from their husband’s abuse, and women, who tried to defend themselves from their husband, go to prison. Rape, and molesting, needs to be looked at as a crime of extreme violence.

      Paul was part of a culture that made it allowable for certain men to take 3 yr. old girls as wives, and many of those girls didn’t live long enough to see another two years of life. As a Pharisee, he had that privilege. Read the Babylonian Talmud. As a Pharisee, that was the code he lived by, and too much of that Babylonian culture has come into the Christian culture through his beliefs in that system, and men’s demand to have everything their way (they’re strongest, after all, but they can’t handle many discomforts that women take in stride on an everyday basis), which in turn came down to his ancestors from the evil ways of men before the flood. Men need to deflate their egos on themselves, so a woman doesn’t need to remind them of their place in their relationship, their home, or society.

      Women need to stay home, and take care of their families, and be satisfied with their husband’s earnings. If you look at the agenda the New World Order had for women, and their purpose in it, you’ll understand the extremely Satanic nature of “women’s lib”, and Daniel prophesied that movement perfectly. Women going to work so they could keep up with the Jones, accomplished the emasculation of their husbands, which led to divorce after divorce, and fragmented our families and culture to the point of near total demise.

      I’m fully aware that women have taken to abusing their husbands and sons, I’ve witnessed plenty of that, too, but I ask you, where did they get these behaviors from? A hundred years ago, while it may have rarely happened, it wasn’t anywhere near the kind of problem it is today.

      Pastors, and many other writers, warn us about the evils of Freemasonry, Satanic cults and among the Protestant churches, against the Catholic, and other such cultic churches all the time, but they never explain the details of why, and that’s exactly where they have failed. People, all of them, need to be treated like intelligent human beings, who are capable of understanding the truth, and making correct decisions, and quit treating them like children or ignoramuses. That’s a Roman Catholic Church stunt, and look where that attitude has taken 1 billion people today – LOST!

      Books, books, and more books have to be written and published as fast as they can be turned out. The same with videos and documentaries, and they need to be made available at the lowest possible expense. The poorer people are left to he the most ignorant, because they can’t afford the tools of learning, and this has been by design, not by these people’s choice. Satan loves ignorant, uneducated people.

      Too many people are below the poverty level, and the privilege of learning cannot be allowed for the “wealthier” only. That means they need to be turned out at non-profit rates in fairly large quantities. I miss out on hoards of information, because of the expense.

      The only reason I am able to educate myself is because I chose internet over cable TV, (all TV sets need to be destroyed, and put into the dumpster anyway; they pump out nothing but evil – even with Christian programming); I have all day, every day to search and research; and God gave me an inquiring mind, which is my only earthly salvation in life. He also gave me two very intelligent and moral parents, who were completely committed to raising us to be good and devout Christians, not that they didn’t have their failings, but….. Very few people have that combination of talents and privileges, and the realities of poverty and the lack of forms of opportunities, need to be fully acknowledged by those who have money.

      Another problem I see everywhere is the large number of people, who work two and three jobs. They don’t have time to learn anything, even when they really want to. These are factors that many people in your income bracket completely ignore – not all, but many. People don’t choose poverty most of the time, and those who are on disability (far too many of them), feel the oppression of being unproductive.

      These are all deeply spiritual problems that desperately need to be addressed and corrected in the Christian culture.

      Salvation and a pure walk with God can only come from knowing and understanding the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. No more mysteries, no more “do as I say, and you’ll be fine”. Once a person has been presented with the facts, in full, then the responsibility of their choices is 100% theirs. All a teacher has to do is make sure what he/she is teaching is truth. That’s the end of their responsibilities.

      Of course, you’re not crazy, and I’m not crazy either…..maybe just a little damaged, but, hey, God provides.

      In the blessed blood of Jesus Christ,


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