A Prophetic Call to Fasting

shofar1A Prophetic Call to Fasting

At the end of our interview with Johnny Cirucci in Episode 37, I called for Christians to begin to fasting regarding God “spot judging” the evil in our nation (and around the world) for the sake of the Remnant. Fasting is a subject that is not taught on much any more, and I have had several contact our office by email and on Facebook asking about fasting. Several years ago, I taught on fasting here in Marshfield, and thought this would be a great time to post a link to this powerful message in MP3 for our KIB friends. I taught this message about seven or eight years ago. I believe the concepts I shared about fasting are more relevant today than ever before. Will you join me in fasting at least one day a week to see God judge the evil and empower the Remnant?


Download A Call to a Life of Fasting in MP3


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  1. Thank you, Brother, for your ministry. My husband and I will be standing with you in prayer and fasting!

    1. I’m with you Sis!

  2. Thank you Dr. Lake for issuing the call. I agree that it is time for the children of the Kingdom to seek the LORD with fervent prayer with fasting- for the church (especially in America), for our wayward nation, and for the lost in need of redemption.

  3. DaughteroftheKing

    Hello! I just finished listening.. quick question, are you and your congregation still fasting on Thursdays?

    1. We now have people around the world that are fasting on different days of the week, so now there is someone fasting and praying all seven days!

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