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Win Signed Copies of the Shinar Directive and What Witches Don’t Want Christians to Know – Expanded Edition


We want to have 3,500 people signed up for email updates from the Kingdom Intelligence Briefing Blog.  If we hit 3,500 in our email list by March 15, we will select five (5) individuals from the list and will give them a copy of both The Shinar Directive: Preparing the Way for the Son of Perdition by Dr. Michael K. Lake and What Witches Don’t Want Christians to Know – Expanded Edition by Mary Lou Lake that have been signed by the authors.

Please spend the word about this giveaway with other believers.  Check back on March 15 to see if we have hit our goal!


It is now March 16 and we are still under 300 subscribers.  So here is what we are going to do:

1.  We are going to extend the giveaway to April 15.

2.  If we hit 500 subscribers, we will give away one set.

3.  If we hit 1,000 subscribers, we will give away two sets.

4.  And we will add another set for each new 500 subscribers that sign up by April 15, up to six sets!

5.  We will also add the new 2 disc DVD data set with each set of the books.

[Note:  We have had reports of some Foxfire users not being able to sign up.  Please use Safari, IE, or Chrome to sign up.  This is a widget created by WordPress, so we cannot tweak it to accept the Firefox browser.]


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  1. Oh, I am so excited, I have so desired to have both your book and Mary Lou’s book as I believe both will be an excellent aid in ministry. Thank you so much for the opportunity.

    1. Make sure that you have added your email to the BLOG Email List. 🙂

    2. I bought the Shinar Directive, so now hoping I win the What Witches Don’t Want Christians to Know – Expanded Edition by Mary Lou Lake 🙂

  2. Thom & Teresa Hudnell

    We have 2 of the them. Very good books. If we win we will pass them on. 🙂

  3. Awesome news!

  4. a must for the conquerer for Christ..Bible based wisdom

  5. I tried to sign up to get the book and it wouldn’t let me click onto the form. ?? I’d very much like to read your newsletters and the books. NB

    1. Made sure that your email was added. 🙂

  6. I was led to listen to your video.We have an on time God. Thank you

  7. Thank You for your boldness in Christ for the Truth of what is “of”
    the world. But with Christ we have the power to overcome.
    God Bless!!!Mary B,

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