We are Moving to the New Location Next Week – New Ministry Address

We are Moving to the New Location Next Week

This morning, our old office seems strange.  Our computer systems have been boxed up and taken to the new building in Seymour, along with books, shelves, and many other things.  What is left, the professional movers will place in their truck next Wednesday and take to Seymour for us.

The remodeling at the new site is coming along nicely.  We also ran into unexpected repairs, which happened when you purchase a building that has some years on it.  We are past the drywall mudding and painting.  Now we are letting the electricians and HVAC pros handle their part.

Mary is excited as she designs the new TV studios and kitchen, and she is doing an awesome job!  My task is to design and set up our office space for maximum use and efficiency.  We will be able to serve all of our friends and partners more easily.

Here is our new ministry address:


Biblical Life Assembly

P.O. Box 160

Seymour, MO  65746-0160

Phone: 417-935-2664  (It will not be active until December 1)


Once we are in the new building, our podcasts will begin again.  It will be a little longer before we can start filming for Biblical Life TV but will still be sometime in December.

Thank you for all your prayers and support.  It is because of you that this exciting expansion is possible!

A Bond Servant of Messiah,


Dr. Michael K. Lake

Updated: November 24, 2017 — 3:57 pm


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  1. Congratulations on your move!
    Surely the name of your new location has not escaped your notice, as to its prophetic meaning? Seymour = see more!
    Prayers of safety and continued revelation!
    CL Farris

  2. Sheri K Bunn-Markryd

    Are you affiliated with the NAR/Dominion Theology?

  3. I know how excited you all must be and I have been praying you all maintain your strength during this time. As a preacher’s kid growing up I remember moving to new churches and the excitement a fresh start and new beginnings bring. (I know your situation is different than going from church to church though). Thank you for all you and your family do to bring us such anointed teaching! And as a PK (my father has long since retired) I pray for your children too because even if they are grown it’s still a family affair!
    May God continue to bless all of you!

  4. I am so excited for you guys!! Been praying for y’all and that things go smoothly! Much love!!

  5. Brilliant …exciting times
    From Dante Prendergast London UK

  6. YAHWEH is my Father

    Congrats. It is an exciting time we live in .
    HalleluYah we are on the right side of all this .
    There is alot of kingdom work to be done to bring Fathers harvest.PRAISE YAH for your dedication and stand on the word .
    Thank you both
    You both have made the diffrence in my walk .

  7. Praise YAH! So happy for your ministry. I am all excited just by reading about it. Your ministry is a blessing to me and Inknow it will continue to grow and be blessings to others as well. Praise YAH for internet that at least I am blessed listening to your pod cast and interviews on YOU TUBE. Right now reafing you last book. Hugs to both of my favorite M&M

  8. I’m so excited for you and Mary, the building looks wonderful.
    I am looking forward to your vid of the whole project. From one who’s moved often I so understand what you are going through.
    As always your ministry is in my prayers as all that is associated with you. (workers too)
    Much Love

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