We are Back from Vacation



We are Back from Vacation


Vacation was wonderful, although way too short.  The time away allowed us to unwind, step back, evaluate, and spend time in prayer for direction and a fresh anointing.  In the process, priorities have been realigned with the Kingdom of God, as well readjusting goals and the clarification of vision.


As we step back into the office, our inboxes are running over (both physical and digital), and we have more voice mails than you can shake a stick at.  So it will take us a while to sort through everything, prioritize, and respond.  Please remember while we are diligently working to play catch up, that we are also preparing for the Rocky Mountain International Prophecy Conference next week in Colorado Springs with SkyWatch TV and Prophecy Watchers.  Although the one thousand seats available for the conference were sold out as far back as last October, you can still either sign up to stream many of the sessions right to your computer at home or order the entire conference on DVD.


Mary and I are looking forward to recording a new podcast tomorrow.  We believe it will have a fresh anointing and powerful message that will speak into your life!




Dr. Michael K. Lake




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  1. Praise God! I’m glad you two are back on the grind. Shalom

  2. Praise be to God. Welcome back, we missed you!! I love you guys!

  3. Thank God and I pray you all are re-energized. God bless you all.

  4. Welcome back ! A pity the conference is way too expensive. It never should be about ‘the money’ because many people are excluded now to attend. Yes I know things cost money, but why not trust and pray to the Lord, instead of asking for money ? I simply don’t understand.

    1. That is because you have never hosted a conference where you are flying in experts from around the world, having to pay thousands for the meeting rooms, accommodations, meals, streaming services (to include equipment and crew), and honorariums. What I am surprised about is how cheap the live streaming service is. The cost of hosting such a conference of this caliber can run into the tens of thousands of dollars pretty quickly.

  5. Praise the Lord. I am glad that you are re-energized, and I am praying that you soon will be to the point where you can have things under control. Thank you for your diligence and your willingness to follow the Lord. Looking forward to the next Podcast.

  6. Yeah!!! Amen and amen!! Prayed for yous and very glad you are both back…..missed the podcasts. Have gotten into the Remnant Bootcamp again, this time in order and taking notes.
    Bless you so much!!!

  7. It is so good to have both of you back. We’re blessed to have a wealth of past materials to brush up on, but I’m sure others feel the same that it truly is a treat when a new teaching comes out.

    Your ministry is an indispensable part of my biblical “meat and potatoes”.

    Welcome back!

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