The Spiritual Dynamics of the Tithe


The Spiritual Dynamics of the Tithe

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After posting Understanding the Kingdom – Part 17, we have had a good number of emails asking about when we were going to post a video on giving and tithing.  The fact is, we did that video way back in 2011.  Although this teaching is not an exhaustive teaching on the subject (which would be a series in itself), it does provide a solid biblical understanding of the spiritual dynamics involved in tithing.

We pray that it is a blessing to you and answers many of your questions.

Dr. Michael K. Lake





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  1. is there a way download> Thanks sounds like a powerful teaching. So needed ..

    1. also you can download youtube videos by downloading free software like freeyoutubedownloader or clipandgrab. I’ve got both and have more videos in my library than I’ll probably ever have time to watch.

  2. Pastor Mike, what a truth that gives credence to the tithe portion theme throughout the Living Word of God!
    Amen, and amen!
    Shalom, Valerie

  3. Pastor Mike, this is Carla. Howard Clark’s daughter. I have to tell you, first you had me laughing out loud when you acted like the ones that tell us not to forget the 16 cents it’s divine because that nonsense that they teach is actually laughable and sad all at once right? I’m glad you called it out as false. Also, I want to commend you on explaining that tithing blessing is in the form of spiritual understanding and knowledge not a mercedes. This is so true. I actually became very angry with God at one point because of the false teaching on tithing in the church. I was always faithful to tithe and give offerings but lived pay check to pay check never getting ahead. When I asked an assistant pastor why I was not being blessed financially he had literally no answer for me. After my tantrum with God, God revealed to me that in fact, I had been taught wrong and God said he will provide for our NEEDS not our wants and God revealed to me that because He is Spirit His gifts are of a Spiritually nature. Indeed, I seen that I had some understanding, some knowledge, some gifts, some peace that others around me did not possess. I then understood that God was blessing me by His Spirit not by giving me excess of money. Amen! Truth indeed sets us free. He blesses us with things of worth and eternal nature (Spiritual Life)Praise the LORD GOD.

    1. Carla, it is so good to hear from you. You and your family are always in our prayers. Sometimes I have to remember that all of the children that I pastored so many years ago have all grown up. 🙂 Makes me feel a little old. But I rejoice seeing them walking with God and pressing into the Kingdom!

  4. I live on Social Security. Do I need to tithe it?

    1. In theory, you should have already paid tithe at the time the original paycheck was drawn and FICA taken out. SSN originally was supposed to be savings account in which part of your paycheck was withheld and placed into your personal account (your SSN is your savings account number). So, would you pay tithe again on something you drew from your savings account?

      However, if you were not tithing back then and you are capable of tithing now on SSN, it certainly is something to pray about.

      1. Thank you so much! I appreciate you and your wife more than you could ever know.

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