The Shinar Directive Prophecy Seminar – Atlanta


ShinarDirectivesmallThe Shinar Directive Prophecy Seminar

I will be teaching on the Shinar Directive on Friday night, March 27 and Saturday from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm at Light of the World Christian Tabernacle in Stockbridge, GA.  Hope to see everyone in the area at the seminar!!



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  1. Dr. Lake, I am hoping to see audio teaching CDs of this available later this year for us folks who cannot attend the seminar. I have already bought two copies of the Shinar Directive, one a gift, and will buy more gift copies when I discover “book” people who will read it. The audio CDs for myself and other folks who aren’t book people.

    I would be greatly interested in purchasing extra copies of the teaching CD that you have included free of charge with the Shinar book. I believe that is an anointed tool to reach fringe Christians in my sphere of influence, and it has delighted me to no end.

    1. Kenny:

      We are hoping by this Summer to have study guides and DVD versions of the seminar. If you already have a copy of the Data DVDs that come with the Shinar Directive, you have permission to copy them to give to others.


      Dr. Michael K. Lake

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