The Shinar Directive Data DVD Set Now Available Separately


The Shinar Directive Data DVDs Are Now Available Separately from the Book

Over the past two months, we have heard from many individuals that had purchase the Shinar Directive through Amazon or other sources that wanted to purchase the special two-disk data DVD set that we put together.  To answer this need, we are now offering this two-disk set for a love gift of $12.00.  Here is the link to order your set:




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  1. Trying to order product DVD Shinar Directive 2 Set DVD. Can you help.

    1. These were only available for a limited time. After fourteen months, we have stopped making them available by themselves. They are given away free when someone orders the Shinar Directive book.

      1. Okay thk u. I have book but will order another to get DVD. God Bless Darren

  2. Want to order it but it’s out of stock there somewhere else I can purchase it? It’s out at amazon

    1. There was an unexpected surge of interest in the book this Summer. In fact, it even took the Publisher by surprise. Currently everyone is out of them. The Publisher is hoping to receive the next printing by the second week of September. As soon as they come back in stock, we will be driving down to replenish our supply. 🙂

  3. Jacqueline Kettenring

    Dr. Lake,

    I have been trying to update my email address and it isn’t happening. I have tried several times and nothing works. I have been holding onto my old email address so that I wouldn’t miss any of your emails. I would appreciate any help you can give me. My old address is the same as my new address except for the carrier which is Thank you for any assistance you can give me.

    1. Only you can set your preferences at:

      1. Jacqueline Kettenring

        I have been there numerous times. It doesn’t even show me your site. I have even tried getting a new subscription to your site and it wont even let me do that.

        1. Its beyond our control. It is all handled through the WordPress organization.

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