The Sheeriyth Imperative Endorsement 2


The Sheeriyth Imperative Endorsement # 2

The Countdown Continues . . .


In his book, Sheeriyth Imperative, Dr. Michael Lake effectively lays out the hellish backdrop to the ominous matrix of darkness engulfing our planet. His book shockingly reveals how esoteric societies have toiled for millennia to alter our perception and cast us into spurious enslavement. Lake exposes the final fulfillment of Nimrod’s iniquitous directive as he efficaciously unmasks the most shocking revelation of the twilight of human history. Dr. Michael Lake most incredibly unlocks the puzzle pieces of the epic end time battle. This book is an absolute must read!  ~




Sheila Zilinski

Host, Weekend Vigilante Radio Show

Author, The Green Gospel:  The New World Religion


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