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Passover, the Lamb of God, and the Scroll of Destiny Part 2

There are those that say that there are no mysteries in the Word of God. Yet from the beginning, God’s plan was hidden from all. A key to understanding one of the major mysteries is to follow the lamb: from Abraham to Passover to the Cross . . . and even beyond! What started in Abraham leads to Revelation 5 and the Scroll of Destiny. Hell does not understand it, but you will in this four-part mini-series!

Understanding the Kingdom – Part 34

Understanding the Kingdom – Part 34 Biblical Life TV In this powerful lesson by Dr. Michael Lake, he examines the Cross from three perspectives: Apostle John (John 19), through the eyes of Heaven (Isaiah 53), and through the eyes of Messiah (Psalms 22).   Dr. Lake also examines the controversial doctrine that Jesus suffered in Hell, and […]

KIB 80 – Kingdom Realities of Passover

KIB 80 – Kingdom Reality of the Passover Kingdom Intelligence Briefing This is a very powerful episode (warning:  make sure a box of tissues is handy while listening to this episode.)  Dr. Michael and Mary Lou Lake discuss the Kingdom realities of Passover:  from Abraham’s Lamb of God to the Cross being the ultimate singularity […]