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KWR0020 – Do Not Be Deceived

Jesus warned His followers not to be deceived.  This prophetic warning moves far beyond who the Messiah is.  The priesthood of darkness and the Mystery Religions use deception as a major tool for their work.  From the evening news to politics and beyond, we live in a world constructed through deception!  We need to have Heaven open our eyes and provide discernment for the days ahead.

KWR-0002 Anti-Israelism: The New Antisemitism with Dr. John Garr, Dr. Mike Spaulding and Dr. Michael Lake | Kingdom War Room

KWR-0002 Anti-Israelism – the New Antisemitism With Dr. John Garr, Dr. Mike Spaulding, and Dr. Michael Lake Kingdom War Room   Throughout human history, antisemitism has proven itself to be both polymorphic and resilient. Although it will take many shapes within Mystery Babylon, its maturation always reveals itself in the plot of Haman and the […]