KWR006 – Rebooting the Bible

KWR 006 Rebooting the Bible

Kingdom War Room

Welcome to the Kingdom War Room.  Each month, we will conduct a Kingdom War Room discussion with key leaders in the Body of Christ that will deal with strategic issues regarding end-time prophecy as well as issues facing God’s people worldwide.  In this discussion, we have:

Dr. Michael Lake, representing the Kingdom Intelligence Briefing and Biblical Life TV.

Dr. Michael Spaulding, who is the teaching pastor of Calvary Chapel of Lima, OH, the author of Make the Preaching Great Again, and the host of Soaring Eagle Radio and Dr. Mike Live.  Mike’s website is

S. DOUGLAS WOODWARD, who is a best-selling author of twelve books, to include Power Quest Volumes 1 & 2, Decoding Doomsday, The Final Babylon.  His new book is titled, Rebooting the Bible – Part 1: Rediscovering the Ancient Bible of the Early Church.  Doug’s website is


Historically, the Septuagint served as the Bible for the Early Church.  In fact, by around 100 A.D., the Jewish community referred to it as the “Christian Bible.”  Was there a conspiracy in the Second Century to obfuscate specific Messianic passages from the Tanakh?  More specifically scripture verse that would prophesy that the Gentiles would trust in the coming Messiah.  And are these modifications found in the Masoretic text being used by the translators of the Old Testament today?   Join in our Kingdom War Room discussion with author S. Doug Woodward.

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  1. Thank you so much! I do read the KJV & ESV now; however, my heart is wide open for the truth!! Could you PLEASE recommend a version of the Bible for a twelve year old child, or anyone. I had studied using about 4 or 5 versions over the last 4 decades, mostly the Amplified Bible.

    1. The NKJV, NASB, and MEV are closest to the original language. ESV benefits from recent discoveries from the Dead Sea Scrolls. I have noticed that experts like Dr. Michael Heiser refer to the ESV often.

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