The Shinar Directive Part 3 on SkyWatch TV


The Shinar Directive – Part 3 on SkyWatch TV

Dr. Michael Lake returns for PART 3 in “The Shinar Directive” and it is the best show yet!

Dr. Michael Lake returns for a third 30-minute interview with Tom Horn and this show goes over the top. You can almost “sense” the old preachers in both men as they say some anointed things about the future, the plans of the Nimrod-ian schemes of occultists, but the better plans God has for his powerful end-times Church!

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  1. I live in uk and if it was not for Tom Horn videos, I would not have gradually acquired some knowledge about the terrible end times we are going
    to face. Have been a Christian for over thirty years and had to leave the church and its false doctrine as I realised they were not getting Christians ready for what is coming;so many are unaware of the terrible times we are living in and are not prepared. There are many issues that puzzle me
    I enjoy listening to your shows and thank you for sharing your knowledge.
    Be blessed in Jesus mighty name .

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