SER 173 – Dr. Michael Lake – The Priesthood of Every Believer – Soaring Eagle Radio (Rebroadcast)

Soaring Eagle Radio with Dr. Mike Spaulding I welcome back to SER, Dr. Michael Lake. We discuss his current work on a new book, the authority we have in Jesus’ name, the Priesthood of every believer, and more. Dr. Michael K. Lake is the Senior Pastor of Biblical Life Assembly.  He is also the Chancellor […]

The Mystery of the Shepherd’s Staff – Dr. Michael Lake on Hear the Watchmen Journey

Dr. Michael Lake joins us today to discuss his recent journey and the prophetic message he was given while in prayer. He talks about the Sheppard’s Staff and how on one side is strength and on the other is chaos. He discloses how Jesus was introduced as “The Good Sheppard and how Jesus became the […]

The Weight and Power of Carrying the Name of God – Part 4

The Weight and Power of Carrying the Name of God – Part 4 Understanding the Kingdom Series | UTK58B  The concept of working in the earth as a representative of Jesus is not just a New Testament reality.  In fact, to understand this New Testament dynamic, one must understand the foundations of this truth in […]