Mind Control – Part 3

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podcast_logo_2KIB Episode 37 | M&M Edition

Mind Control Part 3

In this powerful episode Dr. Michael and Mary Lake talk about:

* Coming judgment on America (as well as other places in the world)
* How to be ready for this judgment
* Why this judgment is a result of God’s grace for those in bondage
* Lessons they have learned in their own journey
* Traps for Mind Control Victims

You will also find a PDF at the KIB website with prayers to help those that are victims of mind control to get free!

Download Prayers for Release PDF:Prayers_for_Release


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  1. WONDERFUL information and anointed teaching. God’s richest blessings upon you both. What a treasure you are in the Body and I thank my YHVH upon EVERY remembrance of you, dear ones.

  2. Midwest Christian

    This episode mentioned several prayers, would you mind sharing the link? The pdf link is not working. Blessings!

    1. Link has been updated.

      1. Midwest Christian

        Thank you!

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