Looking to the Future and Changes to Our Email Addresses

Looking to the Future and Changes to Our Email Addresses


We have already begun planning for 2018.  Part of our vision for next year is a new building for our ministry.  With the move, there is a good chance we will have to switch from our current DSL with CenturyLink to a satellite-based Internet service.  If this happens, we will lose our @centurytel.net email addresses.


To overcome this loss of service, we have set up our very own email server system.  While we wait on the Lord to show us where the new building will be, we will be transitioning over to the new emails.  Please keep these new email addresses on hand for future reference:



We will continue to monitor all email addresses until our move is completed in early 2018.


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  1. Hi KIB, are there any listenings or teachings on “yoga” and what’s behind it….my friends want me to back up about thoughts/ patterns with yoga, they think I’m overreacting on the subject even though I’m warning a couple of them to not get involved with it….


    1. The topic of Yoga is addressed in my second book, The Sheeriyth Imperative. There are some great videos on YouTube by Caryl Matrisciana.

  2. Have a question for Mary about Gatekeepers? Are the Gatekeepers something that God puts in us to help us, or is this something that has to do with mind control? Second, what does John Deere have to do with a trigger? My wife’s family on both sides have strong ties to Wicthcraft. Her father’s side are Gordon’s from Scottland with their bloodline being 33rd degree Mason. Her mother’s side are from Romania with her great grandmother being a whitelighter witch. My wife is a born again believer, but she still is about to see into the spirit world. She can see both angels and demons.


  3. Do you want us to begin using the new email addresses now and delete the old ones from our contacts list?

    1. We will be using both starting yesterday. Once the move is complete sometime in the first quarter of next year, the @centurytel.net emails will be discontinued.

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