KWR-003 The Deep State, the Occult, and the Mid-Term Elections

KWR-0003 The Deep State, the Occult, and the Mid-Term Elections

Kingdom War Room

In this session of the Kingdom War Room, Carl Gallups joins co-hosts Dr. Mike Spaulding and Dr. Michael Lake to discuss the upcoming Mid-Term Elections, the Kavanaugh Hearings and what they revealed about the heart of the Left, the Occult declaring war on conservatism, and how it will impact the upcoming Mid-Term Elections. The discussion then covers how the Body of Christ can activate to defend the constitution and our freedom in this country!

Dr. Michael Lake, representing the Kingdom Intelligence Briefing and Biblical Life TV.

My co-host, Dr. Michael Spaulding, who is the teaching pastor of Calvary Chapel of Lima, OH, the author of Make the Preaching Great Again, and the host of Soaring Eagle Radio and Dr. Mike Live.

Carl Gallups, the Pastor of Hickory Hammock Baptist Church, the host of Freedom Radio, and the author of the best-selling books: Gods & Thrones: The Nachash, Forgotten Prophecy, and the Return of the Elohim, and Gods of Ground Zero: The Truth of Eden’s Iniquity, Why it Still Matters, and the Mystery Surrounding What’s Coming Next.


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  1. Another “knock it outa the park” message!
    Brothers, there are many of us in homes that are waking up and have left brick and mortar churches who are starved for truth and conviction! As Mike says we are more than you know we aren’t in the church brothers we are in the homes listening to you men and others who are of the same mind(the mind of Christ) here online.
    I was taught years ago preach KINGDOM! Nothing else will change anything but the Kingdom! Then train those to do the same…don’t just get them “saved” but EQUIP them to carry on that message to others! Small Bible study groups equip inform and get ones to really know one another. It instills discipline to attend. Impress the importance of attending meetings on Sunday/Saturday or a weekday regardless of the worlds demand. Impress this it is Jesus’ meal and we are to be there to partake of His food. Matt 24:45 Let me tell you one thing JW’S have right they instill the importance of meeting attendance and study above all else WHY because under persecution if you miss a meeting you will not know where the next is to be held.Even though they do not have the truth the discipline isn’t to be ignored because of the source. The military requires discipline are we not in a war? Are we not an army? It is a fallacy and foolhardy to think we will be immune to that kind of persecution. If we are honest with ourselves we see the beginnings occurring right now.. Small book studies in believers homes weekly together to edify strengthen and upbuild each other. DO IT NOW! Before the persecution starts while it’s easy and becomes a habit.
    Too many churches I have attended since leaving that cult fall flat on this discipline. To many make excuses for not attending. How can we ever get through a week of wickedness if we don’t recharge weekly?
    Sorry for the rant but coming from a cult who has better meeting attendance and stresses the need for spiritual discipline better than the so-called Christian church pains and distresses me beyond words!

  2. I’m shedding tears of joy as I listen to this broadcast. It’s 1:06am and I have to be up at 6am and get ready for church service. Every word I hear, every point that is being made here I have heard in my head/mind/heart over and over since 2008 on and also about Trump, it’s like each one of you brothers read my mind. Now I know I’m not a weirdo alone in California thinking, speaking out, harping on these truths the way I do and why I think that way. Every word spoken here about that Ford woman I picked up on as I watched her, I believe she is an SRA victim but not by Kavanaugh. Thank you Dr. Lake. Thank you Dr. Spaulding! Thank you Mr. Gallups!

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