Kabbalah, Talmud, and the Female Holy Spirit w/ Dr. Michael Lake & Dr. David Carrico


Kabbalah, Talmud, and the Female Holy Spirit w/ Dr. Michael Lake & Dr. David Carrico

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Dr. Michael Lake and Dr. David Carrico discuss false doctrines that are plaguing the Hebraic Roots Movement today and provide a clear call to return to the balance of Scripture.



  1. Excellent Podcast!!! So glad you covered all the topics you did, much needed in the day and hour we are in.

  2. When Dr. lake was answering a question with a comment about integration by speaking the Namr of Jesus, the video stopped working, and does not work up to the end of this video presentation – no audio or video.

    1. We just played the video all the way through without any problems. So, the problem may be on your end.

      1. Wow! I didn’t expect a response! Yes, I (after foolishly sending a comment before checking…) turned UTube off and on again, and it worked fine. Please forgive my wasting your time.
        Shalom…and thanks for your response.

  3. How do I donate to your ministry

    1. There are donation options on both the top pull-down menus on each page and a donate PayPal button on the right top corner of each page.

  4. Thank you soo much for doing this show. It was a wonderful touch on a few levels that I needed. I have been struggling to hear and when i do I try and trust but begin to doubt. I heard not to celebrate mans holidays and I get rebuked or looked down on for taking that stand even from fellow christians. I read Dr Lakes books (and look forward to next one) and the thought came to me that they use us celebrating to give them power or to empower the iniquity and you guys confirmed that and a few other things that I have been asking God to show me. was wonderful thank you.


  5. This is my second time listening to you and have enjoyed it very much . You definitely give much to think about . Thank you . I need some clarity here though . I like learning about the Hebrew Alef beyt and the meanings of letters , ie . Alef =ox=strength etc. Also numbers , ie.. 5 =Grace , 6=man and so on ..are you saying since much of this type of teaching can be found in kaballah
    to stop it ? Or else how can a lay person know the difference ?
    Thank you
    Kim Hyde

    1. What we teach has nothing to do with Kabbalah at all. What we provide is a basic understanding of Hebrew, which any seminary or Bible college student would learn in a first-year Hebrew language class. There are two Christian classic books on biblical numbers that I refer to, and these men were Evangelical theologians.

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