Hear the Watchmen Interview – The Fire of God: Hidden Secrets Being Revealed

The Fire of God – Hidden Secrets Being Revealed

Hear the Watchmen Interview


I had a great time today with Mike Kerr from Hear the Watchmen.  We were discussing the upcoming “Beyond the Veil” Conference in Long Island this August and how God is revealing new depths of His Word and Kingdom to the Remnant to prepare them for the days ahead.

I want to thank Mike and Hear the Watchmen for having me on today.  And I hope to see everyone at the conference in August.


Information on the August Conference



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  1. When Dr Lake mentioned Yah got His hands dirty to make man, it immediatedly triggered in me… and then He sent His son Yeshua to cleanse us! Halleluyah! He is a good Elohim!

    1. Interesting comment. The symmetry of the Word is amazing. Man is the only part of creation in which the Almighty got His hands dirty in the process. The Almighty once again got His hands dirty to redeem fallen humanity by becoming flesh and dying on the Cross for our sakes. Because He did, we can now fill our hearts with His presence, Spirit, and fire.

  2. What an encouragement. Thank you Dr. Lake! Praise the Most High God for blessing us with His indwelling Holy Spirit. May the beacon of God’s Holy light continue to grow in intensity, empowering His children to stand firmly in His Kingdom.

    I cannot wait for the new book. It sounds like the new book will be essential reading for everyone who claims Messiah as Lord.

    I pray that the Lord gives you inspiration, wisdom and energy to accomplish what He has set before you.

    1. I have cleared my schedule for writing in June and July. Hoping to have the new book in print by mid-August.

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