Exciting Changes Are Coming to Biblical Life TV


Biblical Life TV was recently contacted by LifeStreams Media TV and was invited to bring our teachings to their network. LifeStreams airs on the Internet, Roku, and satellite TV. To make this transition, we will need to do several things:

  1. We will need to begin filming in full 1080p HD. (We may need to upgrade our camera.)
  2. We will need to use the industry standard of 28 minutes 30 seconds per episode. Therefore, we will be dividing each teaching session into two episodes. (Yes, I will have to set up a timer and fit each teaching into a session that can be divided into two parts.)
  3. We will need to have developed a professionally produced intro to the program.

All of this is exciting and challenging. There will be so much that we need to learn and change to take Biblical Life TV to the next level. Mary and I know that this is a wonderful blessing from God, and was made possible by your prayers and support.

Please keep us in prayer as we balance out these changes while making the time to work on my next book. My goal is to have both the book and this change completed by this Fall.

A Bond Servant of Messiah,

Dr. Michael K. Lake


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  1. Congratulations !
    Very exciting. I hope you get to reach out to millions more.
    Thank you for all your hard work.

    1. will understanding the kingdom go beyond part 50, if so when do you expect that will be?

      1. As we have shared on this site, we were on vacation from Father’s Day through the Fourth of July. We film for Biblical Life TV twice a month. We currently have part 1 of UTK 51 ready for upload this week.

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