Dr. Michael Lake on Now You See TV | The Sheeriyth Imperative

Handbook for the Last Days- w/ Dr. Michael Lake on NYSTV


The Sheeriyth Imperative is a tactical manual for God’s Remnant in the Last Days. In this vital book, you will discover:


  • A deeper look into the fallen immortals that now labor for the Kingdom of Darkness
  • How the unification of Superstring Theory and the Bible can play an essential role in our understanding of end-time spiritual warfare
  • The reality of multi-dimensional seed
  • What really happened when Lucifer fell and the force he created to fuel his kingdom
  • The Watcher invasion of Genesis 6 involved much more than just a breeding program
  • How Nimrod aligned himself with immortals in the Second Heaven to empower his hellish plans and how Mystery Babylon is doing the same in our day!
  • What Lucifer was really seeking to gain in the fall of humanity
  • How the Nazi/Vril agenda is still being carried out by the clueless masses around the world today
  • How our modernized theologies have rendered the modern Christian weaponless and naked on the end-time spiritual battlefield
  • How Heaven is empowering the Remnant to destroy every stronghold and to become a force that can raze hell and bring the Kingdom of God into any situation!

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  1. Michael Lake I saw you on Prophecy Watchers, what you discussed speaks to my heart, I believe God is speaking to me to movie back to San Fransisco, I have a heart to intercede and pray for this city and the surrounding areas.

    I have an anointing for spiritual warfare I want to purchase a home on a high place across the bay so I can see the city and began to wage ware to break the strongholds and principalities, the powers, the rulers of darkness in this area. My spirit is jumping with such excitement.

    Years ago when I was producing some TV programs for Pastor Cho of South Korea, I was in a hotel room in Oakland, California, my window in the hotel faced the city and I began to cry wasn’t sure why at the time, but I believe its time to pray seek God for conformation.

    Your talk with Gary Stearman confirmed in spirit I should pursue my vision for SF now.

    Good Bless you,

    Noel Miranda

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