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Update About the Storm in Our Area on Dec 10, 2021

Mary and I have had several reach out to us this morning to see if we were OK after the terrible storms last night.  We did have a funnel cloud go over the house, and it tore off a good number of shingles off the front and side of the home.  We are both so grateful for God’s protection. We have not checked out ministry buildings yet, but this storm was closer to I-44, so they should not have been affected.  (We will check on them later today.)

A Special Note from Dr. Michael Lake – December 2021

Today is December 1, and our sabbatical during December begins.  Mary and I will spend some much-needed time resting, praying, and in research during the month.  I will also be working on my next book.  Without the constant distractions of daily ministry, it will be easier to concentrate on the writing process.  (I know Defender Publishing will be happy to see significant progress on this project.)

Go Therefore Conference 2021

Go Therefore Conference – July 23-25, 2021 Brookville, OH The 2021 Go Therefore Conference will be July 23-25 at the Harvest Revival Center in Brookville, Ohio. Kathy and I are very excited and extremely blessed to announce this year’s line-up of speakers. They are: Dr. Michael Lake Pastor Carl Gallups Michael Boldea Jamie Walden David […]

The Kingdom Priesthood Part 1 on SkyWatch TV

FREE BOOKS WITH “THE KINGDOM PRIESTHOOD” HERE!… In The Shinar Directive, we journeyed down the Luciferian rabbit hole to discover the matrix of darkness that has engulfed our planet. In The Sheeriyth Imperative, we dug deeper to unearth the power source of hell, and we discovered how the body of Christ can labor to […]

New Book by L. A. Marzulli – Counter Move: How the Nephilim Returned After the Flood

For the serious biblical researcher, the books and videos from my good friend L.A. Marzulli is an absolute must. L.A. has just completed his new book, Counter Move: How the Nephilim Returned After the Flood. This new book will provide a valuable scholarship to this important subject. I highly recommend this book to the KIB community. — Dr. Michael K. Lake