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KWR-0014 In the Devil’s Toolbox

Dr. Oswalt details how our emotions can be the devil’s playground, and our violation of biblical principles regarding our emotions creates legal access to our lives by the enemy.  In the Devil’s Toolbox serves as a wake-up call to this generation to get their emotional lives in biblical order or else to pay the consequence in both this life and in eternity.

KWR-0012 Turning America Right-side Up | Kingdom War Room

In his new book, Upside Down in America, Dr. Mike Spaulding proclaims: The America I knew is dead. In the 1960s, our nation was still a shining beacon on a hill despite the many trials we faced. While they focused the eyes and minds of the country on Southeast Asia, our enemies were busy infiltrating our schools, civic organizations, churches, and government – at every level.

KWR 011 – Silent Cry:  The Dark Truth of Human Trafficking | Kingdom War Room

It is estimated that 1.2 million children worldwide are taken each year into human trafficking. Yet, the church is unaware of this dark truth. All of society must become aware of the horrors inflicted on the most innocent and work together to stop the sexual trafficking of children!

KWR010 – Being Prepared for the End-Times

Several things are necessary to prepare for the Last Days:

1.        Awareness of
where we are prophetically and to see world events through a biblical and
prophetic lens.

2.        To mature
spiritually and emotionally through prayer, the study of the Word, and other
spiritual disciplines.

3.        To learn to be self-sufficient from the Babylonian system around us:  This includes topics such as homesteading, homeschooling, self-defense, and much more.

KWR0009 The Greater War

What if there was a greater war that lies just beyond our focus? A war that began long before humanity ever walked the face of the earth. A war that is supernatural, with beings possessing knowledge and power beyond our ken. A war that God has been waging with rebellious immortals that view mankind as nothing more than pieces on a cosmic chessboard. Yet, God has told us the end from the beginning. The Almighty has revealed that humanity is precious to Him and that He will fight for us. And one day, those found in Messiah will stand victorious with the Creator of the universe and He will wipe every tear from their eyes.

KWR008 – The Game of Gods

What if I told you that the Luciferian Elite take the Word of God more literal than you do. They believe in the Genesis 3 story, but with a twist. They want the promise of the Nachash rather than the promise of God. They want to be gods, to decide for themselves what good and evil is, to be masters of meaning and destiny, and to create a new paradise on the earth without the Creator. This belief fills the halls of the United Nations and nearly every seat of power on the planet.

KWR-0005 Becoming a Kingdom Warrior

Mystery Babylon has been busy with the past few generations. Through a witch’s brew of hormone disruptors, social engineering, emotions-based mind control techniques, and political correctness, the Luciferian Elite has emasculated male headship and taken the Body of Christ far away from the shores of biblical soundness

KWR-003 The Deep State, the Occult, and the Mid-Term Elections

KWR-0003 The Deep State, the Occult, and the Mid-Term Elections Kingdom War Room In this session of the Kingdom War Room, Carl Gallups joins co-hosts Dr. Mike Spaulding and Dr. Michael Lake to discuss the upcoming Mid-Term Elections, the Kavanaugh Hearings and what they revealed about the heart of the Left, the Occult declaring war […]