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The Shinar Directive – Part 7

The Shinar Directive – Part 7 The Institutes of Nimrod by Michael K. Lake, Th.D. Nimrod developed systems to replace man’s walk with God in every aspect of life with absolute dependence upon those systems of control (system vs. relationship). I believe there are three basic facets of Babylon or, as many prophecy teachers have […]

Update on the Release of the Shinar Directive

We have just received word from Defender Publishing.  The scheduled release date of The Shinar Directive will be January 15, 2015.  The release of the book will coincide with the pilot episode of SkyWatchTV in which Gary Stearman interviews Dr. Lake regarding the book. We will keep you posted on when and where his episode of SkyWatchTV […]

The Shinar Directive – Part 2

The Shinar Directive – Part 2  Watchers, Giants And Other Transhumanists Published December 7, 2014 by Michael K. Lake, Th.D.   In chapter two of The Shinar Directive, we uncover a gold mine of information encoded into the stories presented in the Torah (especially in the book of Genesis). The sages of Israel understood these hidden […]

The Shinar Directive Series – Part 1

The Shinar Directive – Part One Preparing the Way for the Son of Perdition’s Return Published: December 03, 2014 Introduction to concept by Dr. Thomas R. Horn As far back as the beginning of time and within every major culture of the ancient world, an astonishingly consistent story is told of “gods” that descended from heaven and […]

Short Delay in Release of The Shinar Directive

Short Delay in The Shinar Directive Originally, our publisher had scheduled The Shinar Directive to launch on November 30.  We have received word today that because of the hectic holiday printing schedule at the factory, the release will be delayed for several weeks. Starting this week, we will be releasing a short series of articles […]

Free End-Time Prophecy Seminar to Prepare the Remnant

 Free End-Time Prophecy Seminar to Prepare the Remnant with Kingdom Power.  Are You Equipped for the Last Days? It seems like things are spiraling out of control around the world!  The Luciferian Elite are working overtime to bring about end-time events.  Yet in the midst of all of this, God has a plan!  The Word […]