Tag: Preparation of the Remnant

KIB444 – The Mystery Religions and the Conclusion of Solomon

King Solomon was bitten by the Mystery Religions bug and attempted to reassemble its fragmented knowledge.  In his day, it was the precursor to Freemasonry, the New Age, and many other esoteric groups.  In the end, Solomon declared that they all were folly and madness!  The modern Church needs to learn from King Solomon and heed the admonition and warnings of Eccl. 12:9-14!

KIB 443 – The Church and Unfruitful Works

Large segments of the modern Church have embraced New Age doctrines on various levels.  From opening the door to a Kundalini spirit to teaching remote viewing to aspiring prophets, claims of “game-changing” abilities seem to fill the Internet.  Yet, these so-called “superpowers” have little effect on the currents of darkness that are now sweeping over the world.  At ground level, the Jezebel spirit has been so embedded into Western society that it continues to wreak havoc on families both inside the Church and the world.  It is time to return to the purity of the Word of God and the power of the Kingdom in this hour.

KIB 442 – The Purpose of Our Walk with God

In this episode, we reveal the truth regarding the death of A.A. Allen from his family.  Then, we dive into the true purpose of our walk with God.  It is not about becoming happy, prosperous, or spiritually powerful.  Each of us is called to become like Christ.  Nothing short of this goal is true biblical Christianity. 

KIB 440 – Occult Activity and the Path to Victory

This episode covers many topics, from the possibility of weather warfare to the proper understanding of generational curses.  God is calling us to a season of prayer, examination, and forging deep relationships with Himself.  There are higher levels of spiritual warfare and Christian living that God calls all of us to walk in.  Now is the time to answer the call!

KIB 438 – Overcoming Babylon’s Conditioning

While in Egypt/Babylon, we were conditioned to think and act through the worldview and practices of the Mystery Religions.  Much of the Church has embraced the ways of Babylon to promote their ministries and to establish tainted doctrines.  We are now on the edge of a tsunami of darkness about to be released upon the earth.  Only the Kingdom of God can overcome what is coming.  We must break free of the mind conditioning of Babylon, move into a Kingdom mindset, and Kingdom power to face the days ahead.

Kib 437 – Judgment and the Remnant

We are living in days in which sin is glorified, and life is no longer sacred.  Truth has been lost in the onslaught of carnal agendas and political propaganda.  While the lines are being blurred between the judgment of God and the wrath of the technocratic elite (Watcher technologies), we do know that the judgment of God is at the door of America and the Western world.  Yet, amid judgment, God’s mercies are new every morning for those who walk with God and take their covenant with the Almighty seriously.  Provision and protection are always available for God’s Remnant, even as judgment is poured out on an unbelieving world.  It is time for the Remnant to press into God like never before.

KIB 436 – Who Owns America? Jezebel is Stealing the Land!

Who Owns America?  Did you know that millions of acres of our farmland are owned by other nations and billionaires?  Interestingly, farmland near strategic military bases is owned by China.  In much the same way, Jezebel and Ahab have taken over our homes and our churches.  It is time to engage in spiritual warfare to drive out the Jezebel and Ahad spirits and to bring in the fresh spirit of Elijah back into our homes, cities, and nations!

KIB 435 – Cleaning House of Athaliah’s Influence

In this episode, we examine 2 Chron. 21-24 and the story of Athaliah and her war on those who had the anointing to lead.  Interestingly, God dealt with Jezebel and Ahad in the Northern Kingdom just before dealing with Athaliah in the Southern Kingdom.  Is God ready to make a clean sweep in the House of God?  If so, how do we prepare?