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KWR008 – The Game of Gods

What if I told you that the Luciferian Elite take the Word of God more literal than you do. They believe in the Genesis 3 story, but with a twist. They want the promise of the Nachash rather than the promise of God. They want to be gods, to decide for themselves what good and evil is, to be masters of meaning and destiny, and to create a new paradise on the earth without the Creator. This belief fills the halls of the United Nations and nearly every seat of power on the planet.

 KIB 176 – Fallen Angels, Globalism, and the Evening News

 KIB 176 – Fallen Angels, Globalism, and the Evening News Kingdom Intelligence Briefing   Have you ever noticed that when President Trump (or anyone else for that matter) deviates from the Global One World Government agenda that the mainstream media and politicians aligned with the Deep State go ballistic?  We are dealing with more than […]